Master Course Plan


In early 2013, the Goonawarra Golf Club Board and Management identified there was a need to create a Master Course Plan and resolved to undertake the exercise utilizing its qualified golf industry staff with supporting input from industry body studies and ancillary professionals. Location experience played a large part in this decision deciding  not to take a template approach to the specific needs of the course. All master course plans are unique and the Goonawarra Golf Course is no exception, different courses have specific biases to one or more issues and these can only be addressed by extensive site audits and the assessment of available statistical data.

The most common question posed in relation to a Master Course Plan is “when will it be finished”, to which the answer should always be never. The document will evolve as will the course and in many items listed in the plan decades will pass before their intent becomes apparent. (Tree plantings are an excellent example of this). The next question is “when will this start” to which we can answer, it already has, and we will continue to chip away at the tasks at hand.

Master Course PLAN (3.6 megabytes)


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