By Laws

BY-LAWS (Updated 5th July 2022)



Neat casual attire is expected both on the course and in the Clubhouse at all times.

Tracksuits, short shorts, open toe shoes and singlets are not permitted. Denim is permitted on the basis it is in good condition without any rips or scuffs. T-shirts without collars are permitted for social games and practice fairway use, however a collared shirt is required for competition play.

Hats may only be worn in the clubhouse if the member does not intend on staying for an extended length of time. As an example, if the member is going to purchase a drink at the bar and drink it in the bar, the hat must be removed. However if the member is simply intending on paying for a competition fee at the golf shop counter, the hat can stay in place.



Visitors who have an official Australian Golflink Handicap may play in club Competitions except for Club Championships, Major Events and Saturday Monthly Medals, visitors may play in other Saturday Competitions only on approval of the Director of Golf /General Manager, such visitors can only be placed on the time-sheet on Friday afternoon if vacancies exist. Members are required to sign in their visitor into the “Visitors Book” located in the bar. The green fee of the day must be paid, the green fee will include the competition fee. A member is able to bring three visitors per competition on Mondays and Sundays and one visitor per competition on Wednesday and Saturdays.

Those visitor may only attend 6 times per Calender year.

Visitors without an official Golflink Handicap are welcome but they must play outside the Golf Club Competition Hours.



Initially all complaints should be made verbally to a member of the General Manager or a member of the Board, if that person is unable to deal with such complaint, the matter should be referred in writing to the full Committee. It is expected that member’s complaints will be of constructive, not destructive nature, so as to aid the growth and development of the Club for the benefit of all members.



Please see the full Extreme Weather Policy in the News and Updates section of the Club’s Website.



No member shall abuse, insult or in any way interfere with an employee of the club whilst such an employee is carrying out their duties.



Motorised golf carts are available for hire from the Golf Shop. A cart can be used for any event including board events without the need to supply a medical certificate.



The Club House and its immediate doorways are a non smoking zone.



Members playing a Social game of Golf must wait until the competition field playing the event of the day have teed off.

Members must report to Golf-shop at all times when using golf course and/or practice fairway. Social members shall not play in club competitions, but may play the course on payment of green fees to the Golf Shop.



  • 7 DAY MEMBERS (INCLUDES: PENSION, SELF FUNDED, UNDER 30YRS, JUNIOR, LIFETIME and CORPORATE Categories)Full membership entitling seven day access to the golf course, all relevant competitions(bookings required), the clubhouse and its amenities.

6 Day members are entitled to play on the golf course Sundays/Fridays they are not entitled to use the golf course on Saturdays.


5 Day members are entitled to play on the golf course on week days only. They are not entitled to use the golf course on Saturdays or Sundays.

  • TRIAL MEMBERS (3 MONTHS) Full membership with restrictions entitling seven day access to the golf course, all relevant competitions (bookings required), the clubhouse and its amenities. Restrictions:

Single use only, can not be extended or re-engaged under any circumstance.

Saturday Competition Bookings are restricted. Members of this category can only book to play on Saturdays by phone or in person with the Golf Shop staff the Friday prior to the Saturday.

  • COUNTRY Members whose permanent place of residence is more than a 100 kilometre radius from the clubhouse. Full membership entitling seven day access to the golf course, all relevant competitions (bookings required), the clubhouse and its amenities.



At some stage we were all green fee players. Now that we are Club Members we should have some understanding towards breaches of Etiquette and the Rules of Golf by these players.

Green fee players have specific times of play and a right to the use of the course in these times. Conduct not considered to be in keeping with normal expected standards should be reported to the Golf Shop staff or the General Manager. Remember our own humble beginnings and that all green fee players are prospective members.



The Goonawarra Golf Club presently holds a “full club licence” and a “limited licence”. Specific regulations apply to the serving of alcohol at the club, please read the licences located above the bar for a full list of conditions. All staff that serve alcohol at the Goonawarra Golf Club are RSA qualified and have been instructed and trained in accordance with our licence conditions.



All groups must be within 1 Fairway of the group in front of them. If you fall more than 1 fairway behind you must improve your position in the field or call through the next group, the onus to call up is with the group falling behind.



  •  A MAXIMUM time of 4 hours 20 minutes
  • Groups MUST complete their rounds within 10 minutes of the group ahead
  •  2 shot penalties may apply to the ENTIRE GROUP OF PLAYERS that do not adhere to the above standards